Helo Ambiente

The Ambiente Salt wall sauna cabin unifies modern materials with traditional sauna cosiness.

Glass, stainless steel and the striking, colourfully backlit salt wall create a modern, aesthetic appearance from the outside. Once inside, the complete interior design, which utilises high-quality sauna wood, delivers real comfort for the whole family. The Ambiente Salt Wall sauna is particularly suited to state-of-the-art living and bathroom interiors, in which the modern but enticing appearance of the cabin rounds out the visual whole. A striking eye-catcher and yet calming – this premium sauna is a stylish way to relax and recuperate at any time.


No-nonsense by design

AMBIENTE has a straightforward look that reflects the true roots of sauna tradition. Still, its pleasing vertical lines and custom fi tting possibilities make a distinct impression. Add the glass and stainless steel fixtures, and AMBIENTE offers a fresh take on the genuine sauna experience.

Roof inclines

Roof inclines and corner entries can be easily integrated, offering even more customisation op-


AMBIENTE is custom-made in 10 cm increments for your one-of-a-kind design with true soft-climate sauna experience. Bring your ideas to your local Helo dealer in your region—and see how easy and cost-effectively they can become reality

Easy to assemble

As a massive log sauna, AMBIENTE is easy to assemble and has a distinct quality look and feel.


Solid 44 mm thick plank construction.