Helo Edge

The EDGE massive log panelled sauna combines visionary design with exclusive lifestyle fittings.

This premium sauna cabin embraces a futuristic look with great aesthetics, while simultaneously delivering a high degree of functionality and special design comfort. The expansive glass surfaces with a no-threshold door and an integrated frameless glass corner make the EDGE wonderfully transparent, light and inviting. It is a sauna cabin in which you and your family will be able to enjoy many wonderful hours without that sense of confinement. It is a sauna cabin that is much more than “just” a sauna; it is a relaxing leisure centre for the modern, health-conscious individual.


100 percent premium

In addition to its extraordinary design, the EDGE boasts a sophisticated mix of materials, perfect craftsmanship through to the last detail and top class features. The 58 mm wood panelling made from knot-free pine with a particularly even wood structure in the wall and roof guarantee that original Finnish sauna feeling.

Aesthetic and stylish

The strikingly large glass surfaces and a tinted glass section at the bench level help to create a perfect feeling of space. This is supported by the “levitating” bench design created using light aspen wood with its freely adaptable and adjustable backrests, which can also be used as footrests. Three extra-wide 70 cm benches offer the greatest possible level of comfort when lying down, so that sauna users can enjoy the heat without a feeling of confinement.

Superior lighting concept

The indirect lighting gives the interior space a very special feel thanks to two LED tiles and a powerful LED star ceiling, decoratively integrated into the sauna’s surrounding edges. This lighting concept and its discrete features make up a significant part of the relaxation effect which can be enjoyed in the sauna.

Innovative sound technology

The successful combination of warmth and light is complemented by another relaxing element. An integrated sound system with radio and USB port ensures great entertainment and up-to-date information from across the globe. You can enjoy your favourite music any time you wish with an MP3 player or smartphone linked via the media board at the front of the sauna. The sound remote, which can be used to control the MP3 player or radio, is located on the inside of the sauna for ease-of-use.

The heart of the sauna

The powerful, column-shaped ROCHER DET sauna heater has already been set up for use with the particularly energy-efficient digital Helo control technology. The performance delivered by the ROCHER works effectively together with the 100 kg of sauna stones on display in an open stainless steel basket and the 58 mm pine wood panelling to create gentle reflecting heat. Controlling all the functions is child’s play thanks to the T1 digital touchpad control.