Helo Homewell

Top quality materials, careful craftsmanship and a versatile range of applications.

The Helo HOMEWELL combi sauna and its overall concept will appeal to even the most discerning of sauna users. Whether you want a Finnish sauna or a mild, muscle-relaxing infrared sauna after a hard day’s work, the HOMEWELL gives you the choice. Choose between an infrared sauna as a warm-up before sports or for muscle relaxation afterwards, or a traditional sauna for relaxation and well-being. This sauna cabin exudes premium quality and reliability.


Canadian Hemlock

The HOMEWELL element combi sauna with a wall thickness of 72 mm boasts a 12.5 mm timber section exterior façade made from Canadian hemlock wood. Thanks to the soft line design and vertical alignment of the timber sections, the cabin is both impressively refined as well as steady. The no-threshold glass door is available in both a clear glass and a bronze finish. There are three different sizes to choose from, and entry options include either a front entrance or a space-saving corner entrance.

Interior contrasts

The visible wall cladding in the interior is made using striking Nordic spruce, which creates an attractive contrast to the black infrared heating panels responsible for emanating pleasant warmth from the walls and at floor level. The light-coloured benches inside work in harmony with the sauna as a whole. Like the backrests, headrests, footrests and heater shield. these are also made from high-quality sauna wood.

The third option

For those who choose the FONDA DUO combi heater over the FONDA sauna heater, a third option is available, allowing them to use the HOMEWELL for organic saunas, infusion saunas and steam applications. The flexibility of the FONDO DUO steam option allows you to individually control both the sauna temperature and the level of humidity.

Your choice of heat

As a genuine combi cabin, the HOMEWELL allows you to choose between various different sauna settings. A traditional hot dry sauna is no problem at all thanks to the FONDA 8.0 kW designer sauna heater with its 20 kg of sauna stones. Steaming sauna fusions are the highlight of every trip to the sauna. The HOMEWELL’s infrared heat option, which is ideally suited to regular use, can be used for regeneration, for daily relaxation or for muscle warm-up before sport. The CarbonFlex® heat panels quickly create the mild temperatures beneficial for both heart health and circulation without the need for pre-heating. Both the sauna heater and the infrared heater can be calibrated using separate, easy to use controls.