Helo Visage Glass Front

Timeless elegance and classical beauty – the VISAGE Glass Front is a modern sauna for the whole family.

Based on the VISAGE flex, a wonderfully pleasant sense of space is created by the all-glass front with a no-threshold glass door. The aesthetic qualities of this sauna cabin design are accentuated by the large glass front, which reveals the bright and inviting interior design. Here, you and your family will enjoy the relaxing comfort of a wellness oasis which promises just as much enjoyment with each new visit.


Top climate

The VISAGE Glass Front is provided with the floor-standing Helo HAVANNA design heater. This stylish deep black sauna heater with its elegantly rounded corners has a 3-level stone grate, which can be adjusted to accommodate 20, 28 and 35 kg of sauna stones. Depending on the size of the sauna, the heater can generate 6 kW, 8 kW or 9 kW, which ensures both gentle temperature development and steaming infusions. The settings for all sauna and heater functions in the VISAGE Glass Front are adjusted using the MIDI sauna control, which thanks to its digital display is particularly easy to use.

Rustic or elegant

The interior of the wood panel design with a wall thickness of 72 mm consists of energy-saving thermal insulation and a professional vapour barrier. 12 mm timber sections made from Nordic spruce in the interior, as well as in the wall and roof sections on the two visible sides accentuate the typical Scandinavian design. If you prefer a more elegant look, you have the option of selecting timber sections made from light, knot-free aspen wood.

Assembly-ready delivery

Delivery of the VISAGE Glass Front includes everything so that you and your family can enjoy the sauna as soon as it has been assembled. This includes the practical interior design in sauna wood, consisting of two benches, backrests, two headrests, a heater shield and a sauna lamp.

Prefabricated sections

Your new sauna is easy and safe to assemble thanks to prefabricated wall and roof sections. Helo has been producing high-quality sauna cabins, innovative heating and control technology and practical accessories for more than 40 years. All parts are beautifully crafted and made using high-grade quality materials. This makes every Helo sauna an investment you will come to enjoy for many years to come.

Versatile expansion

Do you love colourful lighting effects in your sauna, most of all with a striking backlit salt block wall? Do your family members love nothing more than relaxing in the lower temperatures experienced in an organic sauna? At Hello, all of this is possible, because for nearly every model of sauna we offer tried-and-tested practical accessories which can be used to equip your sauna according to your individual preferences. This includes different lighting systems with modern LED colour light control, sauna combi heaters with steamer option, decorative back wall cladding in rubble stone look or as a translucent salt block wall, as well as different ergonomic interior design features.