Helo Visage Vita

Visage Vita is luxuriously multifunctional for your personal sauna experience.

Whether you choose a Finnish dry sauna for healthy relaxation or the mild heat of infrared – which can be used to relieve tension or warm up the muscles effectively before training thanks to its ideal temperatures for the heart and circulation – the VISAGE | VITA infrared combi sauna handles both sauna experiences exceptionally well. What’s more, in combination with the KOKORO flexible interior design, this trendy combi sauna transforms into a multifunctional cabin for sauna workouts and infrared yoga.


Complete freedom of choice

Three different sized layouts and three model variants – the VISAGE | VITA gives you the freedom of choice to design your sauna. The classic design of traditional saunas is evident in the VISAGE | VITA – Variant “G”. Its external appearance is characterised by the use of light aspen wood, which is only broken up by a no-threshold glass door made from clear safety glass. The interior of sauna variant “GF” creates a completely different sensation of space. Its full glass front made from clear glass and the no threshold glass door help deliver exceptional transparency, which is impressive from both inside and out. Only the sauna variant “GE” offers even more glass surfaces; with its glass front, glass door and a frameless glass corner solution, this variant ensures that your visits to the sauna will never be accompanied by a sense of confinement.

Wonderful infrared heat

The VISAGE | VITA demonstrates impressive versatility as a genuine infrared combi sauna. With either the series standard CUP chrome 8 kW heater (variant “G”) or the FONDA grey 8 kW heater (variants “GF” and “GE”), you can enjoy classic saunas at high temperatures and with minimum humidity – along with sizzling infusions that will round off your sauna experience in style. Children, athletes and the elderly in particular will find the infrared settings of this sauna to be a real highlight, because they allow for complete relaxation without the need for pre-heating: ideal for households with several generations under one roof.

Sauna yoga with Kokoro

The VISAGE | VITA is multifunctional thanks to optional KOKORO interior design. KOKORO is extremely flexible and replaces the classic interior design of the sauna. The wide benches and movable stools made from light aspen wood can be quickly adapted to the desired use, which opens up a whole new range of possibilities. A sauna workout or infrared yoga can do wonders for neck and shoulder tension when practised in conjunction with low sauna temperatures or mild infrared heat. This makes the sauna room ideal for many different health applications.

Knot-free aspen

With so many options to choose from, it is good to know that all VISAGE | VITA models are made exclusively using smooth aspen timber sections for the walls and roof. The inside of the 72 mm sections is lined with an insulating layer of rock wool and a professional vapour barrier. This makes using this combi sauna extremely energy efficient.

All-round infrared panel heater

Even at first glance it is clear that the VISAGE | VITA is quite different. The back and side walls consist of ultramodern CarbonFlex® infrared panel heaters, meaning that everyone gets to enjoy the heat. As there is no need to pre-heat, you can enjoy the relaxing effect of gentle infrared warmth in no time at all. This feature also brings with it a number of positive effects: accelerated metabolism, vascular training and a strengthening of the body’s defences to name just a few. The infrared heat can also be used to loosen up muscles before sport, as well as to relieve tension after sport.

Reward yourself

Even the sheer diversity of applications brought to you by the flexible VISAGE | VITA concept can be surpassed. Reward yourself and your family with the optional FONDA DUO sauna heater. At first glance this elegant heater has the same design as the FONDA; however, as the addition of Duo suggests, the FONDA DUO offers something more. It includes the addition of an optional steam function, which allows you to enjoy all the sauna applications you want – traditional hot/dry sauna, organic sauna, infusion sauna, steam bath and infrared – in your own home, whenever you wish.