Shallow 24″ – Fireman Black

Love the design of the FireDisc® Original? Make way for the FireDisc® GWOK™! It has all the great features of the FireDisc Original, but is lighter and without the Heat Ring™. The cooking surface offers the same seasoned-effect as its brother, providing you with restaurant quality food each time you cook. Let's say you're headed to the football game to do some tailgating.

You can't bring your entire BBQ, but you can fold up your FireDisc® GWOK™ and slide it into your trunk or truck bed. Once you arrive at the stadium, pull it out, hook it up to a large or small propane tank, and start grilling. Get stuck on an uneven surface? No worries! The FireDisc® GWOK™ features an adjustable stand that ensures you'll always have a flat cooking surface. The FireDisc® GWOK™ has been hand inspected and is made from the highest quality carbon steel available in production today.


Primary Specs
Height 24"
Diameter 22"
Propane Tank 16.4 oz green / 20 lb white
Construction Ultra-high carbon steel
Heat Ring 2.5 inch ring w/ 69.08" disc circumference
Surface Temperature 3 zones (high, medium, low)
Powder Coated Thermoplastic pure silicone resin powder
Sureflame Burner 4" diameter / 9" length
Disc Grips Two 3" rubber handles
Capacity 5 gallons
Flexible Stand Adapt to uneven surfaces
1 Minute Clean-Up Hose off, dry, wipe clean in seconds
Portability 3 pieces dissasembles

More Information

The FireDisc® GWOK™ has been mechanically designed for ease of use, portability, and is set to the highest standards achievable in BBQ products on the market. The FireDisc® GWOK™ comes with a 5-year warranty and is designed to last a lifetime. We challenge each customer to put this grill to the test as the most rugged, best designed, quality tasting, and cooking grill you can buy. Buy yours today and become a part of the family of satisfied FireDisc® GWOK™ owners.

Buy the name brand, buy quality, and buy the FireDisc® GWOK™. The FireDisc® GWOK™ 24” was designed so that you can find your own perfect kitchen location during a long day of mountain biking, deer hunting, fishing or just a long adventure with the family. This product is built to a custom 24” seated height. The FireDisc® GWOK™ 24” is available in both Fireman Red and Black.

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