Tips For Finding Private Hot Tubs For Couples

Own Your Own Oasis

Busy couples know the value of the quiet times. When they spend so much of the day corralling kids, careers, grad school classes, or anything else, it’s easy to trip on the molehills and lose sight of the mountains. With so much going on, it can be tough to find time to enjoy a relaxing moment with your partner. Sometimes, it takes a special reason to carve out quality time together—a reason like a private hot tub for couples.

There are different ways for a couple to find a private hot tub to enjoy with each other. A borrowed hot tub experience usually involves taking a trip to a weekend getaway or vacation resort and staying in a private suite. Buying a hot tub, of course, allows couples to luxuriate in the warm soothing waters of a home spa whenever they can find a minute together. If you’re looking for quality hot tub time, here are some tips to help you find the perfect private spa experience with your partner.

The Benefits Of Having A Private Hot Tub At Home

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Owning your own hot tub provides convenience, which allows you to make relaxation a habit and a priority with your partner. You can share time together every morning or evening or both, away from the phones, jobs, news, and stress. Taking a soak before bed can help you sleep, and taking one when you wake up can help energize you. High-quality hot tubs can last for years of enjoyment and togetherness.

Finding Your Own Private Hot Tub For Couples

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With your own private hot tub in your backyard, on your deck, or inside your home, you have the option to share a massage with your partner any time that you’re both home. A hedge, fence, or screen can provide privacy. Some couples even build their own hot tub enclosures—including sheds, gazebos, and arbors—by hand or from pre-manufactured kits.

For couples who like building, landscaping, or gardening, the hot tub can act as the centerpiece of the backyard. It’s a place of peace and contemplation to arrange the flowers and trees around, and it is an outlet for creativity. Luxury and premium hot tubs include entertainment systems to set the mood and build the ambiance.

If you’re interested in buying, a positive next step is to start exploring some hot tub models and features to better understand what is most important to you.

Explore The Following Considerations:

  • Hot tub size. Limited space or limited users may be a good reason to look for a small 2- to 3-person home spa. Optimal hydrotherapy benefits or the possibility of sharing the tub with others are good reasons to consider larger tubs with diverse seating and massage options.
  • Water care system. The type of water care system you choose will bear on the quality and comfort of the spa water, as well as the regular maintenance tasks needed to maintain that level of water quality. The latest innovative water care systems may surprise you.
  • Hot tub accessories. Consider how accessories may enhance your relaxing spa experience or how certain accessories may even help to offer privacy.
  • Entertainment and options for mood enhancement. LED lighting, water features, and media entertainment systems can take your private home spa to the next level and help you keep up your daily couple’s soak.

It’s worth taking the time to carefully consider these factors before diving into such a large investment. But this exploration will also help to remind you of the enormous benefits you stand to gain as a couple.

Hot Tub Getaways: Booking A Private Hot Tub For Couples

It’s also possible to sample the benefits of a luxury spa to see if it’s something you want to invest in for your home. Couples can seek out short hot tub getaways—making sure to book rooms or cabins with private hot tubs included. You might find hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation homes with hot tubs through an online search or on the recommendation of a friend.

Before you book your trip, though, be sure to check reviews—especially if you’re not familiar with the area. If you’re looking for a room with a hot tub, check to see if it’s indoors or outdoors. And if it’s outdoors, ask about the level of privacy. Hot tubs in rental units often see above-average use, so look closely at what people have said about function and cleanliness. There’s no sense upgrading your room for a hot tub you wouldn’t want to touch with a stick. You really want to experience all the possible benefits a hot tub has to offer.

You may be much better off scheduling a test soak in a carefully designed mood room. This could become a surprisingly gratifying hot tub getaway—and one that brings you even closer to your own hot tub retreat at home.

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Retreat For A Romantic Spa Soak Every Day

Ask yourself what you would rather have: a hot tub or the memory of one? The possibility of a romantic daily soak together is within reach. You’ll discover the incredible benefits to your personal wellness and your relationship all at once.

You can sample the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy and that relaxed spa mood today: take a test soak. There, you can take the time to consider whether a private home spa will be the best investment with specific options and features in mind. You can plan for your future together.

We design our spas to elevate your home retreat. Find out how your hopes for quality time fit in with our wide range of models and features. Download a brochure today.

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